Can Likes Really Boost Your Internet Success?

Posted By Michael Schneider on Sep 8, 2016 |

If you have heard of internet marketing then you are not surprised that instagram likes, as well as followers and Facebook popularity can be used to your advantage and the advantage of your business. If you want to surge your Internet success there are a couple of things to have in mind and that is that your internet success is real, even though the internet support your receive might be fake.

What Is Measured With Likes?

Internet marketing is currently one of the best and most popular ways for you to advertise a business. Whether it is small business or a large one it will reach the desired amount of success with the help of bought views, likes, friends and followers. If you are wondering where you should and how to advertise and use social media to your advantage, just think of how many times you were asked to give your own like to something or someone?

Why Do People Beg For Likes?

As it has been already debated, likes are supposed to express the viewpoint of many people. Still, people continue to buy likes and beg for likes, so what do they really show? How many people with accounts you know? Your true quality? Your ability to find a person who will sell their likes and friends back to you? Everything can apparently be bought, but what is more important, online nothing is real, so how can you believe these fictive measures of quality? The answer is you cannot, still it is the most popular way to reach people and advertise and this is why people do it.

How Many Times You Were Asked For A Like?


If you think about it carefully, you will realize that indeed many times you have been asked to give your virtual stamp of approval. But, whether you did it because you truly liked something, were manipulated into doing it, or just did it in the spur of the moment does not really matter to people who see your like.

What they see is that other people think something positive of the liked thing. This is what persuades them to give their like, and as you can see it is a long entangled web everyone gets sucked into.

How Many Times Were You Manipulated To Give A Like?

As many times you have given your like willingly, so many more times you were manipulated into giving your like without even knowing. Baby posts, emotional posts, quotes and visual stimuli is used to persuade you to give that one click that changes everything.

These clicks are also sold and at what price! At the price of breaking the internet! In other words, for the right price, there is nothing you can’t do – you can even break the internet and have thousands of likes, followers, mystery fans and admirers, of course, none of it is real – but who cares, right? Or do you?